FREE-FALL is a slightly clumsy choreographic performance in decline. Via movement and text, the fall as a theme is analyzed and leads us through stories about clowns, walls, love, and the Bible. A fall can refer to a loss of control, anti-success, and falling for someone or something. Falling can be considered taboo, flawed, and devastating, but also an expression of courage and vigor.


Light is within her

she shall not fall

come suddenly to the ground

height, fail, decay

give in to sin or temptation

of darkness, nights, empires, values and governments

The one who falls is weak

The one who falls is ill

The one who falls is ageing

The one who falls is impaired

The one who falls is clumsy

The one who falls is drunk

Incompetent is the one who falls

but falling is a delicate action

falling is a delicate action

when falling we laugh - others laugh too

when falling we hurt or we injure

when falling we shame, with horror we rise

falling tastes like failure


the fall above falls

The birth of it all

simply called The Fall, in the Garden of Eden

I bit the apple

and God punished us all with shame

a fall is a rupture of standpoint

and so we were expelled

before the sin and after the sin

So it all took form

shame on me for falling into temptation

I am Adam and Eve


A fall is an expansion of time

The mind stretches between fiction and reality

We fall into loopholes

Stumble down the rabbit hole

Caught by imagination

like this little girl who fell and fell

and fell

and fell

and fell and fell

and fell

and fell

and fell

and fell

a magnificent journey beyond all

a key to another magical garden

like Eve, I couldn’t resist the temptation

I joyfully sing aloud

"I see what I eat… I eat what I see”

and am penalised with excessive appetite

expanding my body into uncontrollable sizes

massive as a giant, petite as a miniature doll

No risk, no fun

earth cracks open and gravity pulls me in

In free fall I smile and laugh:

It’s nouse going back to yesterday, back then I was a different person

I am Alice in Wonderland


No going back was abruptly concrete

When overnight I was split in two

halt and hindrance - prevention

shield and defense - protection

A curtain of iron dragged down

Now what belongs together will grow together

In 1989 I fell

a release against forces

I am the Berlin Wall


Societies rupture

Systems fall apart

freefalling - a loss of the known

Agreements fall through

people fall ill

they fall to the dark side too

we fall in love and fall asleep

We surrender

repeatedly I must surrender

A fall is the end of it all

I must give up the will to do

only then may I sleep

only then may I love


Late at night

on a balcony I appear

It is my lady, oh, it is my love

Arise, fair sun

and kill the envious moon

Who is sick and pale with grief

Driven by desire, I fake my own death

Intend the impossible

The (will) power of falling in love

a chemical addiction

unwisely and slow, we stumble

Thus with a kiss we die

a sleeping heart, broke another

love is dangerous too

I am Romeo and Juliet


On September the 8th

1985 in New York

I fell to my death from the 34th floor

A fall

not a jump

yet, they claimed it was so

Even though the face of my husband

Was covered in scratches

And my last word was heard to be: NO

last year alone

every hour of the day

at least 5 women fell victim to a killing

That’s more than 50.000 goodbyes (/falls)

I am Ana Mendieta


when you die they say

you fly into heaven

Pure and divine

the land of angels

but angels they fall too

Down is loss

Up is gain

A fall fights against control

A fallen angel indeed

has rebelled against god

and is exiled from heaven

The story goes that one-third of heaven’s angels

fell down and joined the devil’s rebellion

pride goes before a fall

the bigger they are, the harder they fall

how the mighty have fallen

That was what led to my downfall

I am Lucifer the fallen angel


When falling you move from one place to another

the world is turned upside down

a fall releases adrenaline

laughter stabilises with endorphins

a balancing act beyond your control

My role as a clown is to make you laugh

And through laughter to shift your perspective

I’m a fool by intention

With my tricks and my falls

I hope to amuse

And invite you to relish my suffering

In disguise I am in control

Out of my pocket

I pull a banana

The riper the better

The fall will hit harder

I throw and I stumble

tumble between thrill and despair

And I turn myself into an icon of comic release

I find joy in the face of loss and sorrow

I pull the truth from a nest of lies

I laugh at human foolishness

I tolerate a margin of mess

my smile is a highway between heaven and hell

I am Charlie Chaplin