1991 Born.

1994 Visits the hypermarket BILKA the first time.

1995 Algebra Suicide releases Tongue Wrestling.

1995 Los Del Río releases Macarena.

1996 Moves into playhouse in the garden of parents’ farm. Draws first extension cable to connect movable black and white television.

1996 Dolly is cloned.

1996 Chris Kraus organizes the Chance Event: 'a three-day philosophy rave in the Nevada desert' at Whiskey Pete’s Hotel & Casino.

1997 Uses a computer the first time and makes drawings in Paint®

1998 Google is founded.

1998 The Matrix of Amnesia by John Isaacs is published.

1998 FURBYS are invented.

1999 Gives up farmer life and moves to the suburb of Odense (DK’s 3rd largest city).

1999 First walkman.

1999 Sends first text message on mobile phone.

2000 Celebrates the new millenium with black and white TV and Spaghetti bolognese.

2000 Gives money to a beggar.

2000 Takes first piano lesson and starts to train fencing and martial arts.

2001 Watches American Pictures by Jacob Holdt from a sleeping bag at Viby Boarding school.

2001 First public performance.

2001 Watches first episode of Beverly Hills 90210.

2003 Enrols at a new public school for the 3rd time and discovers the social power of fashion labels.

2003 Louise Bourgeois exhibits the sculpture ‘Maman, moder 1999’ at Nytorv in Copenhagen.

2004 Rents an oboe and takes first music lesson in classical music.

2004 Performs at Summer Jam, Cologne Germany.

2005 Tries out nomadic lifestyle on European road trip with mother for 8 weeks.

2005 Youtube is launched.

2006 Gets acquainted with COBRA.

2006 Hotel Pro Forma presents Stedets Algebra at Axelborg in Copenhagen.

2006 Plays in orchestra for the first time.

2007 Sleeps 23 hours in a row.

2007 Britney shaves her head.

2007 Plays the clarinet along with the oboe and orchestra.

2009 Publishes the research: Prisoner’s Grandchildren: the effect of concentration camps on Jewish third generation survivors, as junior researcher at University of Copenhagen.

2009 Drops the orchestra, finishes highschool and moves to Copenhagen.

2010 Visits the Middle East for the first time, gets interrogated in the airport and touches a machine gun for the first and only time.

2011 Nuclear accident at Fukushima.

2011 Visits New Zealand and follows the trajectory of mother’s uncle.

2011 First female prime minister elected in Denmark.

2011 Applies for admission to studies of human rights at Malmö university. Get’s no reply.

2012 First experience as site-specific performer for Yuang Gong in Copenhagen.

2012 Studies at the private art school Akademiet for Dans, Musik og Teater in Copenhagen.

2012 Forms Kompagnie La Folie with friends and creates two performances.

2012 Creates 4 video works at danish beaches.

2012 Buys and sells apartment in Copenhagen within same year.

2013 Tara Donovan exhibits at Louisiana, DK.

2013 Studies at School for New Dance Development for 1 month.

2013 Studies joinery and carpentry in Copenhagen.

2013 Falls in love.

2013 Kitt Johnson presents FORUM HUMANUM in Copenhagen.

2013 Presents 'D.A.N.S version 3' in Copenhagen.

2013 Moves to Germany.

2013 Enrols at University of The Arts Berlin.

2013 Acorn by Yoko Ono is published.

2014 Creates first poetry publication.

2014 Robert Ashley dies.

2014 Attempts at recreating Beckett’s I+II.

2014 Meets Yingmei Duan.

2015 Travels to Japan two times.

2015 First solo performance in Berlin.

2015 Takes part in the reinvention of FLUIDS, a happening by Allan Kaprow.

2015 Presents the happening CUT OUT REALITY with 6 performers in Berlin.

2015 Visits Italy for the first time and reads Franco Bifo Berardi.

2016 Founds the artist duo Bonnie & Clyde at Whiskey Pete’s Hotel & Casino, Nevada, USA.

2016 Writes paper about Situationist International.

2016 Visits America for the first and second time.

2016 Pokémon Go is released.

2016 Discovers the works of Ellen Cantor.

2017 Marilyn Minter exhibits Pretty/Dirty at Brooklyn Museum, NYC.

2017 Creates a book of Jaguars in Northern Spain with fellow artists.