MIRIAM KONGSTAD (DK, 1991) is an artist and performer based in Berlin (DE) and Copenhagen (DK).

Her work is fuelled by a strong interest in the human body and the social and political regimes surrounding it. As a synthesis of different modalities and media her artistic output takes form as sculpture and installation, assemblage, sound, poetry and performance.


From a socio-anthropological angle, Kongstad researches embodiment, affect and the anthropometric, with specific attention to habitual and naturalized movements and their identifications in popular culture. Kongstad treats bodies as performative material; as players in systems, societies and cultures; as compasses and thermometers and as devices which both encrypt and decode structures of everyday life.


Kongstad works with material extensions of the human body which are related to bodily, social, biographical and representational upkeep: foods, beauty products, fashion, technology, pornography, toys, fitness equipment. She activates these materials as a way of laying bare the systems through which power is reproduced, felt and fought against on a bodily level. In this regard recurring themes in her practice include female identity, childhood and adolescence, sexuality, identification and human enhancement.


MIRIAM KONGSTAD completed her Bachelor of Art from Universität der Künste Berlin (DE) in 2016 and holds a diploma in movement studies from Akademiet for Musik, Dans og Teater (DK). Most recently her work has been shown at Fundación Botín (Santander, ES), Scandinavian Institute (New York, USA), Hamburger Bahnhof (Berlin, DE), National Gallery of Denmark (Copenhagen, DK), Cyprus College of Art (Lempa, CY), Sophiensaele (Berlin, DE), Dansekapellet (Copenhagen, DK), Collegium Hungaricum (Berlin, DE), Uferstudios (Berlin, DE) as well as site-specific locations ranging from apartments and deserts to forests.